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African mango is the common name of Irvingia gabonensis, a mango-like fruit that can be found in the forest of Angola, Congo, Nigeria, and southwest of Uganda, where the weather is humid. African mango usually grows in places where tropical wet and dry seasons are experienced.

Appreciating the Whole Benefits of African Mango

African mango is also known as dika, as most people are familiar with. Every part of the fruit has a use. The fruit can be eaten fresh and is also perfect for being processed into jam, jelly, juice, or even wine. The pulp can be used as dye for clothes. The seed, although very small in size, also has many uses. Dika nuts, as this is commonly known, can also be eaten raw or roasted. By pounding, this can be made into butter or block chocolate. This is also pressed to produce edible oil and margarine, which can be used for cooking. After the oil had been extracted, it can then be used for making soap, cosmetics, and medicine. Aside from the seed, the bark and leaves of African mango also have medicinal properties. They can be used for the treatment of gastrointestinal problems and liver diseases.

Appreciating the Whole Benefits of African Mango

Extract from the fruit of African mango has been known for years for having significant medicinal effects. The extract of African mango seed is good for people with high cholesterol and high sugar levels. It may be used as antiseptic for sores and wounds. It also helps in the treatment of cancer and heart disease, as it has significant anti-inflammatory properties.

Aside from the health benefits it gives, African mango extract is also proven to work as a fat burner. As it burns fat, it also suppresses the craving for food as it contains leptin, a satisfaction hormone. With control of appetite, losing weight will become easier. However, although the African mango works well for this purpose, it is also advised for people who take it to perform regular exercise, drink lots of water, and minimize food intake.

Raspberry ketones are natural phenolic compound found in fruits like red raspberries, cranberries, and blackberries and are responsible for their aroma and fruity smell. Since natural raspberry ketones extract can really be scarce, this has to go through some chemical procedure like catalytic hydrogenation in order to yield 99% of it. As the products have been through a process, companies have their own brand and trademark. And they advertise their products in such a way as to make them sound more natural or close to natural raspberry, for instance the phrase “with fresh raspberry ketones”.

Fresh Raspberry Ketones: How It Works with Obesity, Cancer, and Common Illness

Raspberry ketone is used in making perfumes, cosmetics, as well as food additives to bring in the fruity aroma. This natural phenolic compound is actually the most expensive natural food additive in the food industry. Compared to synthetic raspberry ketones that cost much cheaper in price, natural raspberry ketones can range up to $20,000 per kilogram.

Nowadays, products having this compound is really becoming a household name, especially weight loss supplements. Supplies of these raspberry ketone food supplements for losing weight have been promoted by lots of companies, but only a few of them actually meet the standards set by Dr. Oz. The popularity of raspberry ketones actually started when it was called a “miracle fat burner” in Dr. Oz’s television show. But even though the product is making a big hit in the market today, it is also a common fact that these claims have no solid proof that these products work well with humans.

Fresh Raspberry Ketones: How It Works with Obesity, Cancer, and Common Illness

But since Dr. Oz recommended the product, a lot of people have been convinced that it is authentic and really have good effect, as what its purpose claims. According to his studies, this natural compound is truly a miracle fat burner, as supported by the testimonies of people who have tried it. They claim that fresh raspberry ketones really have increased their metabolism, which helps the body’s fat-burning mechanism to keep the cells on level. Raspberry ketones have been proven to work fast, showing results in as short as a week or two.

Fresh Raspberry Ketones: How It Works with Obesity, Cancer, and Common Illness

For a long period of time, raspberry have been known to have the potential nutrients that work well in decreasing the risk of obesity and liver disease. It also has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients that boost its anti-cancer benefits. But in order to enjoy these benefits, you should eat enough amount of raspberries to get enough ketone enzymes to burn fat or fight sickness. So good that with technology advancement, fresh raspberry ketones can now be extracted and processed into supplement sufficient to meet your body’s need.

Green coffee bean is a seed of coffee fruit that is not yet processed or roasted. It is red or purple "cherry" in color, which seed is green. Unlike the traditionally processed coffee, green coffee bean is not roasted; hence, to retain its nutritional value, green coffee bean has to be soaked in water so as to produce a saturated solution.

This kind of coffee bean actually has lots of elements in which each has its own contribution in pharmacology. It is widely known that coffee contains caffeine, which acts as stimulant to restore alertness. Nevertheless, coffee also contains elements that contribute in controlling blood sugar level, as well as in losing weight. These elements in coffee include quinides, trigonelline, lignans, and of course chlorogenic acid, which are proven effective in the metabolism of glucose in the body.

Chlorogenic acid in coffee shows lots of biological effects like controlling hypertension, repressing the activity of glucose 6-phosphatase of building up glucose in the liver. This activity of chlorogenic acid is indeed very beneficial for people with diabetes who usually have glycemic disorder.

Along with this benefit, chlorogenic acid in coffee has a favorable effect for losing weight as it retards the absorption of fat taken from food while at the same time works with extra fat’s metabolic process. But not all types of coffee have this beneficial effect. The brewed coffee we commonly use doesn’t have the right amount of chlorogenic acid needed for losing weight and dealing with glycemic disorder. As the natural bitterness of coffee has been removed through roasting, chlorogenic acid in it has lessened. It is known that the best source of chlorogenic acid is the green coffee bean.

The green coffee bean also has antioxidant properties that fight free radicals, especially in the blood. But as the coffee bean’s component greatly works with supplements, taking this should be properly administered, especially for those people with certain medical condition. With people who have allergies, for instance, they are not advised to take green coffee bean extract as this is really potent in nature and might give negative reaction on them. This is also not recommended to people who are prohibited by health professionals from taking anything containing caffeine, in order to avoid possible side effect. Apart from these circumstances, nonetheless, no adverse reaction has been reported for taking this supplement.

The Positive Effects of Green Coffee Bean In Overall Health

Green coffee bean has truly been able to establish its purpose of assuring the people of its health advantage and has proved itself to be safe.

Glucomannan is a soluble fiber that is also commonly called a dietary fiber. It is taken out from konjac, a plant mostly found in Asia. It is usually added on food to form emulsion and as thickener. Traditional Chinese medicine has long been using products containing glucomannan as it is found to have potential in the treatment of various illnesses. However, the American Food and Drug Administration did not approve its claim of being effective for treating common diseases.

Although the glucomannan was not able to gain approval in the US, the Canadian government, however, allowed it to be launched in their market as nutritional supplements to treat obesity, control blood sugar, manage cholesterol level, suppress appetite, provide physical relief from constipation, and aid in weight loss.

Understanding the Health Benefits of Glucomannan

How Does Glucomannan Work?

Understanding the Health Benefits of Glucomannan

Basically, glucomannan forms a bulk gel as it absorbs water and acid in the body. This substance fills the stomach, giving a person the feeling of being full. In such condition, appetite is being suppressed; that marks a good start for losing weight. Moreover, this gel works with the stomach in the relief of constipation.

As the gel moves through the digestive system, it works in maintaining cholesterol level, which is an effective way of avoiding complications as high blood pressure and heart disease.

Glucomannan can also be of great help in getting one’s blood sugar on the right level. Having a stable blood sugar level can be very important, especially for people with diabetes.

How Safe Is Glucomannan?

Like any other health supplements, the question of whether it is safe to take depends on a person’s condition. For instance, pregnant and lactating women, who need to receive full nutrition, are not advised to take glucomannan. People who will undergo surgical procedure in two weeks’ time are also refrained from taking the supplement so as to allow the prescribed medicine to be absorbed by the body after the operation.

As everyone needs to have high fiber diet to be in the best of health, glucomannan successfully takes the edge in meeting such need.